Netlify CMS

1 minute read

If you’re reading this, this post was created with Netlify CMS, an open source content management solution, kind of like SquareSpace, Blogger, or Wordpress. I’d figured it be a nice touch to add to the site, and to just see how it worked.

The interface provides a way to upload a file, add them to the git repo, and then (what I thought) redeploy the site.

Red Coffee Cup!

What I’m finding is that the Markdown syntax circumvents the Hugo shortcode system, so I’m unable to use Netlify’s convenient syntax to transform images ?nf_resize=fit&w=1920. The first image was using the traditional Markdown syntax, and the second one was using Hugo shortcodes. I use Netlify’s Large Media soltuion to upload images to scale them down to a more or less reasonable size for the web, so I’m not sure if it’s a bug in Netlify’s CMS, or a bug in Hugo’s shortcode system. Either way, it’s an annoying quirk that I’m going to have to live with.

You live and learn, right?