(Self) Driving for 100+ Miles on the California Coast

1 minute read

The company I work for is located in San Diego and used to live in that city for about 3 years, but because of COVID-19 and everyone working from home most days I figured I’d move and live somewhere I actually enjoyed and was more affordable. I found a spot that was a few miles out of the Univeristy I studied at, and where most of my familiar colleagues were at. My plan was to move back when things settled down, but that’s taken a lot longer than anticipated. So-much-so I kind of don’t want to do that anymore. So, now I work semi-remotely 100+ miles away from my current workplace.

During the peak of COVID-19 I hardly ever went into the office, but nowadays I go at least 2-6 times a month (a 200+ mile round-trip commute). I figured if I were to keep doing this I need something that would help me drive. So, I bought a new car and comma.ai’s comma 3 dev kit. The commute is an absolute bliss, with my car self-driving and all, and I don’t even notice the distance-elapsed when I’m just listening to music, podcasts, and ebooks.

Want to know what the commute is like? What a self-driving, non-Tesla, car is like? I made a time lapse of the trip!